Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code Club 

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ASIware and the Bridge Group, two local technology firms, wanted to give back to their community.  Brought together by Jason Hanrahan, they decided to work together to sponsor a Girls Who Code Club at the New Carlisle Public Library.  Instructors Norma Vestey and Eric Pence, from ASIware, and Casey Kitko, from the Bridge Group, generously donate their time and professional skills to this program.

Our chapter of Girls Who Code, Club OH 3753, began May 2, 2018, with an inaugural class of eight girls, known as the Hanrahan Class.  This first group of students will graduate from the program on July 11, 2018.

Pictured below, Ava Hennigan and her partner, both members of the Hanrahan Class, present their club project, a game they created called "Sports Mania."

Photo from the inaugural session of our Girls Who Code Club

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